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Bag It Magazine: Interiors, Vintage, Fine Art and Pink Plum, the Early Years…

Pink Plum Antiques wasn’t always Pink Plum Antiques.  Owners Mitch and Craig London originally started out with their store “Good As New” in the early 80s.  Towards the end of the decade “Haywire” was the happening place to be located at 5247 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles right across from Raleigh Studios.  Then the 90s […]

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Pink Plum Serves Pasadena’s Vintage Needs

By Erick Galindo, Staff Writer Pasadena Star-News POSTED: 03/01/11, 9:00 PM PST PASADENA – Craig London once sold a dining set to grunge rock legend Kurt Cobain. His brother Mitch, sold memorabilia to Muhammad Ali, back when their Pink Plum Antiques shop was located on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. “(Cobain) came in with his wife Courtney […]

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Shop the Block, East Colorado: Pink Plum Antiques

JUNE 11, 2012 BY CATHERINE AND THE ROSE MAGAZINE STAFF  By Brittany Wong   On a recent Sunday afternoon, all manner of locals streamed into the Pink Plum Antiques shop. There were newlyweds looking to transform their tiny living rooms into something Pinterest-worthy; patrons known on a first-name basis; and garage sale stalwarts hoping to end […]