Shop the Block, East Colorado: Pink Plum Antiques


By Brittany Wong



On a recent Sunday afternoon, all manner of locals streamed into the Pink Plum Antiques shop.
There were newlyweds looking to transform their tiny living rooms into something Pinterest-worthy; patrons known on a first-name basis; and garage sale stalwarts hoping to end their weekend search on a high note.

The items they’re after may differ, but they’ve all got one thing in common – the desire to find the right piece at the right price.
They’ll likely find it at Pink Plum Antiques. Since uprooting to Pasadena from the Westside more than 10 years ago, brothers and proprietors Mitch and Craig London have made a name for themselves, largely because of the fair prices they affix to their estate-sale finds, prices that approach thrift-store levels.
“When we first opened 30 years ago, the prices were just kind of high for what thrift stores should be,” said Mitch. Their customers, after all, “are people hunting for bargains,” he added.

But the Londons also have an uncanny sense of hodgepodge. Klingons and Wookies coexist peacefully in the toy section and a handsome highboy dresser is comfortable with the tiger-print bar booth nearby.

That little-bit-of-everything take on inventory makes finding a gift for someone a cinch: A vintage Löwenbräu plug-in wall sign for your beeroisseur brother; a ‘60s smoked glass and white vinyl dining set for your modernist-loving mother; a rare Monty Python record for your dear old Anglophile dad.

Once you’ve found your prize, head to the back of the shop for a kitschy, lovingly curated Hawaiian-Polynesian paradise. Relax under the framed cheesecake pinups, hand-carved tiki statues and Easter Island heads.

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