Bag It Magazine: Interiors, Vintage, Fine Art and Pink Plum, the Early Years…

Pink Plum Antiques wasn’t always Pink Plum Antiques.  Owners Mitch and Craig London originally started out with their store “Good As New” in the early 80s.  Towards the end of the decade “Haywire” was the happening place to be located at 5247 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles right across from Raleigh Studios.  Then the 90s arrived and so did “Alien Interiors.”  The photo below is an example of the future sold in their store.

Fast forward to 20oo when “Pink Plum Antiques”  hit the Pasadena, CA scene.  More affectionately known and “The Plum,”  Mitch and Craig continue to offer Danish Modern furniture, clothing, home decor, and costume jewelry to their customers.


Alien Interiors